Time and time again, your mind ran through the strands of time; every branch in existence at your fingertips, to be explored in its infinite divinity.

Time and time again, you bared your soul to the world, revealing everything you ever stood for and everything you ever stood against.

Time and time again, your body tender, your soul restless, you desired to sleep softly into the dark of night—yet, time and time again, you had the anxiety of a billion, billion lives coursing through your mind.

Time and time again, you felt your integrity unravel, you felt your own inner self come undone—yet, it never mattered.

It never mattered, how hard life is. It never mattered, who or what you lost, or perhaps what you have never gained in the first place. It never mattered, who you’ve loved or who you’ve hurt.

It never mattered, none of it—at the end of the day, you moved on. Like a broken clock, right only twice a day, you kept on ticking and you kept on moving forward—despite being broken and despite being wrong.

Your eyes slid shut, the cascading ocean waves in your mind calmed, and you moved on.

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